5 Innovative Approaches to Learning with Technology

Teachers require the competencies and knowledge to implement learner-centred classrooms that integrate technology and foster innovative teaching and learning practices. This course builds on the foundations of knowledge of learning theories and basic technology-enhanced teaching to focus on more innovative classroom activities. This course also focuses on learner engagement, developing 21st Century skills and engaging learners in knowledge-building tasks.

In his TED talk, Micheal Welsh introduces many of the ideas this course encompasses. He suggests we prepare youth to move from being just knowledgeable to knowledge-able; that is able to find, analyse, criticise information and create new knowledge. In order to embrace real-world problems our learners must know how to harness and leverage relevant tools. This will engage them in ways we often fail to do in today’s classroom.

[youtube http://youtu.be/LeaAHv4UTI8]
Video: Michael Wesch – From Knowledgeable to Knowledge-Able

Learning Objectives

Participants who successfully complete the module can:

  1. Express an opinion about the “digital native/digital immigrant” debate supported by evidence from the participant’s context and personal experiences;
  2. Critically examine how technology tools engage learners;
  3. Describe a typically innovative learning activity;
  4. Identify opportunities and challenges for using appropriate technologies to enhance innovation in learning activities;
  5. Design an innovative knowledge-building learning activity where the technology integration is focused on the learners;
  6. Design formative assessment strategies that can be used in innovative classrooms.
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