3 Technology-Enriched Teaching

You are probably very aware that technology infuses the everyday life of our learners. You may already have mastered basic computer-literacy skills and use computers for professional tasks such as typing exam papers and recording marks. However, you may need support to take the next step: selecting and using appropriate digital resources and tools for use in teaching. This course provides you with experiences to help you integrate technology resources with your teaching. Note: during this course our focus is on using technology for your teaching and not the students’ use of technology for learning.

Learning Objectives

Once you have completed this course you should be able to:

  1. Explain how your practice aligns with the SAMR and TPACK models for technology integration;
  2. Create an online space to collect and organise resources to use in your own teaching;
  3. Evaluate the use of basic office software for subject teaching;
  4. Develop criteria for evaluating educational software;
  5. Apply criteria to evaluate educational software;
  6. Locate a variety of online resources for teaching and learning;
  7. Evaluate online resources to judge their appropriateness and efficacy for classroom use;
  8. Design a learning activity that integrates technology resources to support your teaching.
  9. Evaluate learning activities that integrate technology to support teaching.
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