9 Change Leadership for Technology Integration

This course proceeds or should be done concurrently with the “Planning for Technology Integration” course during which the initial planning for e-learning  and technology in the school is completed. During this course we strategise around several key elements of change leadership, such as capacity building and the cultures of learning and evaluation, which will help to sustain the change and continue growing a sense of ownership of the e-learning vision. The course also addresses ongoing implementation issues regarding support and maintenance and facing challenges adaptively.

Why Change Leadership?

When new and innovative approaches are adopted in a school e-learning plan, new technologies may be identified as resources. Both represent change/transformation in the school. Implementing a School Technology Plan requires management of processes as well as people and technology. If process and technology are changing in a school, stakeholders (the people concerned) need to feel ownership of the direction of change if educational transformation is to succeed. Therefore, being a technology leader in the school requires an understanding of the process of change leadership, because ultimately it’s all about the people, especially the teachers and learners.

Learning Objectives

Participants who successfully complete the course will be able to:

  1. Describe how the traits of a visionary technology leader foster sustainable change in the school technology landscape;
  2. Drive the process of building a shared vision in the school;
  3. Describe the focus areas of the change process;
  4. Plan and implement a capacity building process;
  5. Develop a communication strategy to build a sense of ownership of the vision for e-learning in the school;
  6. Describe how to develop and exploit a culture of learning in the school;
  7. Describe a strategy for facing implementation challenges;
  8. Develop a culture of evaluation in the school;
  9. Evaluate the achievements and benefits of e-learning in the school.
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