1 Professional Development with Technology

Research demonstrates that teacher professional development is most effective when it is school-based and when teachers see it as directly relevant to teaching and learning. In the digital age, professional development activities have become de-centralised and individualised. At the same time they have become globalised and collaborative. In this course, you will select a focus for your own professional development and experience the variety of resources and tools available.

You will develop recommendations for leading professional development at your school. This course builds foundational knowledge and technology skills useful for participating in the CCTI programme and for planning a school-wide professional development strategy in Course 8: Planning for Technology Integration.

Learning Objectives

If you successfully complete the course you should be able to:

  1. Select a professional growth goal and reflect on the efficacy of the available professional development resources pertaining to your goal.
  2. Collect, curate and share relevant online resources in support of a professional growth goal.
  3. Participate in a professional learning community/network relevant to your goal.
  4. Use technology tools/demonstrate technology skills in support of professional development.
  5. Relate your professional development experience in the course to the professional development needs at your workplace.



You will require Adobe Reader to read the PDF format of the course documents. Click on the icon to download the latest version of Adobe Reader.


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Course Materials

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