8 Planning for Technology Integration

This course simulates a process (stretching over two courses) which school leaders could follow while planning/reviewing and preparing for technology-enhanced learning in their schools. Previous courses in this CCTI programme have shown us how technology-based resources result in an ever-changing landscape which requires stakeholders to develop a clear vision and for leaders to facilitate the capacity-building of these stakeholders to respond collectively to that vision.

Planning is a cyclic process, as shown in the image below. We will follow one cycle during the process of the two courses in this series. We will follow a cycle similar to that shown in the image.

Planning Cycle

Source: Warren McCoullough, Innovative Schools, http://wazmac.com/ischools/planning/school-ict-planning/planning-cycle

This course, 8 Planning for Technology Integration, will follow the process starting with Assessment and going as far as Implementation in the Planning Cycle image. Course 9 Technology Leadership in Schools will cover the change leadership aspects of Implementation and culminate in the Evaluation stage.

Learning Objectives

Participants who successfully complete the course will be able to:

  1. Identify the constraints and advantages of their school’s context and the resulting potential to harness technology for learning;
  2. Analyse stakeholders and interact with each individual/group in a way that fosters ownership of the vision;
  3. Conduct planning for e-learning;
  4. Conduct technology planning;
  5. Write a professional learning strategy.
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